How do you make a bowling ball curve?

Bowling, a game played simply for the fun involved in it. An indoor game which is presumed to be too easy and of course without strategy. Just aim and throw a ball, right? A wrong presumption without a doubt! It is important to maintain proper holding position, as well as avoid injuries through slipping or twisting.

Curving a bowling ball is one of the common strategies used in quite a few games. To a first timer, it might seem like a wow! How did you do that’ moment, but it actually is quite doable. Holding the ball in the “hand-shake” position and maintaining it during the release, without slacking your wrist can be deemed the easiest way to curve the bowling ball. But to achieve it, safety of your wrist and ankle should be a priority.

Maintaining proper balance while bowling is of as much importance, as rolling the thumb (or pinkie in very expert cases) at release over the ball to make it curve. Though for wrist protection, it is only your skill, practise and presence of mind that you can use, but for your ankle and balance, proper bowling shoes are a necessity and very important aid. More info about bowling shoes here.

Finding your perfect bowling shoes is a beginning of ensuring an injury free bowling session. With the weight of bowling ball and lack of high friction of the shiny wooden floor, a proper pair of bowling shoes are your only defence against broken bones and ruptured muscles.

The next to last step as we all know is a ‘power step’, so a proper pair of bowling shoes have one sliding and one traction shoes based on your bowling hand. This is usually not the case with the bowling shoes they provide you at bowling alleys as they need to cater both right and left handers.

Apart from safety point of view, a proper feet positioning and thus effective bowling shoes are essential. To maintain a proper grip, to provide the friction enough to keep the player from slipping, bowling shoes need to well acquaint to your feet. Thus using the bowling shoes provided at the bowling alleys are avoided by the regulars, who without fail get their own bowling shoes.

When you rotate your thumb over the ball at release to curve the bowling ball, your bowling shoes need to maintain a perfect grip or this could not only cause the ball to go in a completely different direction, but also cause your body to go in the direction of the floor.

So especially for a beginners, having a nice pair of bowling shoes is a necessity simply to avoid falling on their backside or injuring a wrist trying to attempt a fancy curved bowling ball.